Toronto Café Crawl

On my last visit in Toronto, I decided to venture off and plan a café crawl around the city. Being a big coffee lover I was super stocked to be visiting the city’s best coffee shops.

There are a few walking tours you can participate in, these organized tours offer different venues such as café, brunch or pastries tours and the average price is 50$ – 100$ (2-4 hours tour).

So to save money on my trip and because I always prefer to explore on my own, I did some research and found some really great places! A list I will share with you today!

My two very favorites are Rooster Coffee and Balzac’s Coffee:

The Rooster Coffee has a country modern style, the vibe is super chill and relax, staff is great and the latte was delicious!! I loved the ambiance and the style of this café, I instantly felt at home.

Balzac’s Coffee definitely wins by it’s location! At the heart of the Distillery District this coffee shop is the perfect spot to rest after strolling through the stores and market. Facing the Christmas tree while sipping your cappucino will definitely put you in the holiday spirit!

On my second day I visited the French Bistro Le Neuf Café, they have a beautiful terrasse facing a dog parc and have a great brunch menu. It’s the ideal spot to meet with your girlfriends on sunday morning for mimosas and chat!

Here is the list of Cafés I got to visit, all within a walkable distance of one another it was a great way to discover the city!

  1. Rooster Coffee
  2. Balzac’s Coffee
  3. The Black Canary
  4. Neo Coffee Bar
  5. Dineen Co
  6. Forget me not café
  7. Le Neuf Café

Here are the other coffee shops I found good reviews about in my research, but didn’t get a chance to try out!

  • Sam James Coffee Bar
  • Dark Horse Espresso Bar
  • Colette Toronto
  • Bobette & Belle
  • Portland Variety
  • Sud Forno

So this was my first time visiting a city through the coffee shops and I loved the experience, will definetly repeat it at home! I hope this article will inspire you to discover some new places yourself or guide you on your next visit to Toronto!

Sophie XO

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