Youtube favorites – February

I’ll admit, I spend lots of time going through artsy, creative Pinterest posts and Youtube channels. I don’t have cable so internet is one of my main sources for information. When I want to unwind, relax while sipping a cup of tea, I often find myself gravitating towards my favorite youtube channels. Today, I thought I’d share with you the channels i’ve been mostly interested in during the month of February.

1) Like many of you, I am sure, I find my weeks to be completely full and by the time I realize it, it’s already Friday. Things go quickly and it can definitely be overwhelming and stressfull at times. I am currently completing a Masters degree and one of my teachers recommmended we’d watch a video from  DocMikeEvans’ channel  and more specifically, he pointed towards the following video  about dealing with stress. Navigating through the videos of this channel, I found many interesting topics.  Aside from the informative content, I really appreciate the  « Visual Lectures » style that keep me attentive and help understand.

This particular video gives great insight about how to change you mindset to deal with stressfull events differently.

2) My second favorite for this month is Aileen from the Lavendaire blog and channel. Aileen’s channel covers everything from Lifestyle, personnal growth and a whole bunch of inspiration. I’ll share with you bellow my favorite video from her channel in which she explains how to make a vision board. For those of you who love to scroll through pinterest looking for creative ideas, I am sure you will enjoy Lavendaire.

3) And for those who love to cook, Deliciously Ella is a great channel. Ella is also author of four cook books, holds a beautiful blog and opened two delis in London. Just don’t watch her videos when you’re hungy, it’s torture!

We would love to know what your favorite Youtube Channels are! Please share in the comment section bellow  🙂

Sarah XO

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