Books worth reading

We are currently reading the below books and want to share with you our favorties so you can be as inspired as we are!

  • The universe has your back
  • Milk and Honey
  • The little book of hygge
  • 52 lists of Happiness


The Universe has your Back

Self-help category – Author Gabrielle Bernstein

This book is about releasing control and surrending to what is while having faith in what will be. In our high paced lives, we tend to soldier on and forget to stop to appreciate the simple things that make us happy. I myself am a control freak and this book helps find peace when I feel my mind racing to extremes. We are all in this together and Gabrielle Bernstein does a good job reminding us that the key is our commitment to love. This path is the way to the happiness, safety and security we long for.

Milk and Honey

Poem – Author Rupi Kaur

This book was everywhere, so I blindly bought it and thought I would like it but never stopped to read a description or reviews. It’s a quick book to read and a good one to have. The book is a series of poem split in four chapters and each one speaks of different pains and heartaches, such as violence, abuse, love, loss and feminity. These heavy subjects are important to discuss and Rupi Kaur confronts us to this sometimes harsh reality through her poetry and illustrations. This quick read sheds light on difficult conversations.

The Little Book of Hygge

The Danish Way to live well – Author Meik Wiking

This is another book I saw everywhere on social media. Intrigued and after a recommendation from a friend, I went out to get this one too! This book speaks of hygge! Hygge is a feeling, it’s an occasion to get together in a relaxed atmostphere and it’s always causal. It’s an evening spent by the fire reading a good book with a cup of tea, it’s an improvised potlock dinner with friends.

This book is a daily reminder to enjoy sharing our lives with love ones and to take the time to stop and observe the world go round. Then there are different elements that can add some extra hygge factor! Such as woolen socks, candles, a coffee cup, a good book, lighting, home decor, food, etc. Meik Wiking, gives us a great insight on how the danish live well and are so happy. Simple tricks we can apply ourselves in our everyday lives. Just remember, to live hyggelig!

52 Lists for Happiness

Journal – Author Moorea Seal

This is not a book but rather a journal. Moorea Seal, the author and Seattle-based shop owner, first came out with the 52 list project in 2015. Based on creating lists, this journal is divided by seasons. Basically, you create one list per week according to the weekly inspiration theme. This is what is great about the book; it is a structured journal, which guides you through your journaling. The second version The 52 lists for happiness by the same author, came out in fall 2016. This one is a bit different as it is divided by sections reflect, acknowledge, invest, and transform.

These two books are of great quality. The design and illustrations are inspiring and so appealing. I was never much of a journaling person but the fact that this journal guides you through it and covers topics for you. Also, at the end of each week (thus list), you can find a little “take action” section that pushes you to move forward with your positivity.

Sarah & Sophie XO







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