Rosetta, it’s a family affair.


Rosetta, a family owned bakery in St-Henri, opened last month. Rosetta is actually Rococo’s little sister, and were talking bakeries not people :p. If you’re wondering, Rosetta is Maria’s mother and Maria is the owner. Yes, this place is definitely a family affair and radiates warmth and homely vibes. Sophie and I really value hospitality when walking into a place and believe this can really be a game changer. Having spoken to a few family members, along with the designer, our feeling was good.

Ok, it’s not all about the story behind this place, you’re right. The food is what you want to know about.Am I right or am I right?


We actually had the chance to taste just about everything that is offered at Rosetta. Mostly inpired by Italy and France, you will find macoroons of all colours of the rainbow, artisanal breads and pasteries, pizzas, cakes and pies of all kinds. The products are fresh and of great quality and they do not use preservatives and additives.


If you can’t choose, let us do it for you. Our faves were the cheese cake (out of this world, sorry mom), the lemon tart and all the pizzas. Don’t overthink it, you will be loved by whoever you are buying for no matter what you choose.


Thanks to the whole team for having us gained 2 pounds in one night (but it was well worth it) and on this note, if you visit the place, what are your favorties?

X0 Sarah and Sophie

pizza blache

pizza couleur





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